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The impact of Covid-19 on the music industry has been exponential. I have had to rethink my approach to marketing on many fronts. One of the best marketing tools for artists in 2020 is independent playlisting. 

After lots of shady experiences with third party playlist promotion and seeing first-hand how difficult it can be to achieve official editorial playlisting I decided to find ways to run my own campaigns for my artists.

I am an veteran artist manager and creative director first and foremost. After seeing many other managers struggle with playlisting I created an automated tool for playlist research.

That’s  why I wanted to make the process more accessible to myself, my friends, and indie artists who may not have a team, label, or budget.

R‍esearch playlist owners and run your own promo campaign

This tool was designed to level the playlist promotion playing field and to be used by indie managers to avoid scam-like “playlist networks”. The tool is super effective for niche genres and anyone looking to increase their Spotify traffic.

Since inception, we now have people from renown management companies and major labels using the tool to supplement their digital release strategies.

The tool is built to include complex algorithms to find playlists faster and more efficiently. Specific search options are available in the dropdown for people hunting down emails, social media accounts for DM, or similar artist playlists for better targeting or A&R purposes.

With so many fake playlists out there full of fake followers, playlisting can often seem murky and confusing. Our tool lets managers find real independent playlists with engaged listeners to help turn them into real fans.

Benjamin Stein, PlaylistSupply CEO

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