PlaylistSupply Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why PlaylistSupply?

Never pay for Spotify playlists with bot streams or for outdated curator contacts again. PlaylistSupply offers a state-of-the-art music marketing tool that helps you find the best playlist curators.

Why search for independent playlists?

Playlists are the new era of music recommendations. Reaching out to the right Spotify playlist curators and playlist owners is one of the most important steps in developing a real fan base or growing an existing one. It’s the seed that allows for organic online growth.

How does the algorithm work?

At PlaylistSupply we analyze public playlists and list all information necessary for you to start a Spotify playlist promo campaign.

Who uses this software?

PlaylistSupply is already very popular among many music managers and licensing services. Use PlaylistSupply to grow your streaming numbers with a customized music promo campaign today!

How and why is PlaylistSupply so effective?

While many people pay for outdated contact lists or fake bot followers to boost playlist stats, our tool lets you easily BUILD YOUR OWN contact list of organic playlists without extensive research. Anyone can DM a playlist owner, all you need is the relevant information regarding the playlist and curator. PlaylistSupply takes the heavy leg work out of artist management and lets you focus on the most important elements.

How much does a PlaylistSupply subscription cost?

PlaylistSupply is a $19.99/month subscription-based service. With your payment you will receive full playlist analysis; name, link, live follower count, owner/curator name and profile link, info text, playlist popularity rank, etc. On top of this, we provide a Contact Finder that tracks down available playlist curators’ mail contacts. Lastly, all transactions are handled safely and securely with Paypal or Stripe and you can cancel your subscription at any time.