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Organic Playlist Search Feature

PlaylistSupply releases first to-market Organic Playlist Search Tool

Playlist Supply always aims to provide musicians, record labels, and artist managers cutting-edge ways to get their music out there and help them with their playlist marketing. Our Playlist marketing search tool’s concept is simple: enter your criteria or keyword into our search bar (i.e., Pop, Hip-Hop, Workout, etc.), and we provide you with a real-time generated list of Spotify Playlists, their curator’s contact information, and other beneficial playlist data. 

Our PlaylistSupply software is the pioneer playlist promotion tool designed to help you discover organic playlists and provide the data needed to find the BEST playlists for your music marketing campaign. Don’t waste time pitching to fake playlists or paying companies for their limited network of a few botted playlists.

New Feature: Organic Playlist Search 

We are happy to announce an exciting new Spotify Playlist Marketing feature tool that is not available anywhere else on the internet; The PlaylistSupply Organic Playlist Search feature. This feature gives artists a revolutionary opportunity to directly target “Discovered On” playlists exclusively and save tons of hours of work when searching for the most quality Spotify playlists and curators to market. 

Organic Playlist searches are a way PlaylistSupply specifically indexes Spotify’s high-quality “Discovered On” playlists, which get more streams and are a top source for artist discovery. This “Discovered On” targeting is a game-changer for artists and managers pitching to Spotify Playlist owners without wasting time and money on low-performing playlists. 

The “Discovered On” section on Spotify is one of Spotify’s most underrated sections. It shows the most active playlists that drive a significant number of streams for an artist. It allows musicians and record label managers to see the most extensive playlists that help artists get discovered and rank based on monthly listeners. These playlists are also ranked well within the Spotify Playlist algorithm.

When you search for an artist and click “Organic Discovered” as criteria in our PlaylistSupply search bar, the tool goes straight to the artist’s “Discovered On” Spotify section and searches for contact information and other valuable metrics from these playlists. Our new Organic Spotify Playlist Search is also great for finding similar artists and continuing the search process through these similar artists.

Targeting Similar Artist’s most streamed Spotify Playlist Curators

Music industry veterans know that “similar artist” targeting allows you to find the most receptive audiences. Record labels everywhere use this marketing strategy all the time!

Playlist Supply’s “Discovered On” Playlist Search makes similar artist targeting easier and accessible, allowing you to directly find contact info from playlists on Spotify artists’ profiles. 

These playlists are frequented by audiences that are likely to be receptive. Identifying and targeting similar artists to your music, client, or band is extremely important. You can use this to target artists on tour routes or in regional markets. The new Playlist Supply Organic Playlist Search options are endless with good market research.

Pricing and Value

Because this new feature is so valuable to musicians, music managers, and record labels, we had to separate this feature’s price tag from the rest of the PlaylistSupply Playlist tool:

The first tier is PlaylistSupply Basic, which includes our PlaylistSupply Data Tool to research unlimited curators, and is required to access higher tiers.

This tier includes 0 credits per month for Organic Playlist Search

The second tier is PlaylistSupply Indie, for serious playlist marketing your releases and taking advantage of all PlaylistSupply’s resources. 

PlaylistSupply Indie includes our PlaylistSupply Data Tool to research unlimited playlist curators. 

This tier is $24.99/mo and includes 25 credits for Organic Playlist Search.

PlaylistSupply Viral for Music Industry Professionals is for artists, managers, and those who want to expedite outreach and fully optimize PlaylistSupply’s Organic Playlist Search.  

PlaylistSupply Viral includes our PlaylistSupply Data Tool to research unlimited playlist curators. 

This tier is $39.99/mo and includes 50 credits for Organic Playlist Search.

PlaylistSupply Record Label is for artists, music managers, and record labels doing significant playlist curator outreach for a release. This tier is for those doing big releases, working with multiple artists, or taking any playlist marketing campaign to the next level.

PlaylistSupply Record Label includes our PlaylistSupply Data Tool to research unlimited curators. 

This tier is $69.99/mo and includes 100 credits for Organic Playlist Search.

How Our Credit System Works

Our value-for-money credits system was built for the Organic Playlist Search with musicians and labels in mind to get the best deal out of this service.

One credit deducts if a search yields 1-5 playlist curator contact information.

Two credits deduct if + 5 playlist owner contacts are available.

This system ensures you are getting your value and not wasting credits on searches that yield little results, as with many other playlist promo services.

Stop Wasting Time!

Our team has been working on this feature after countless feedback sessions from clients and customers. Organic Playlist Search allows for targeting Discovered On playlists and provides a more direct way to skip the playlist vetting process and get straight to the highest quality Spotify playlists that provide new and engaging fans. 

You can also target similar artists directly, allowing you to market directly to an audience that will be receptive.

We are always looking for new cutting-edge ways to change the music industry and disrupt the typical patterns of digital music marketing.

This is one of many new features to be rolled out. We are excited to help keep indie artists at the forefront of tech and music marketing colliding. 

The implications for artists and record labels with this revolutionary music marketing technology enable them to reach new audiences and take marketing releases to the next level. 

The PlaylistSupply Organic Playlist Search empowers your team to get music placed in organic playlists where fans discover the most inspiring artists.

So what are you waiting for? Get your music heard!

PlaylistSupply Organic Playlist Search – Target Spotify’s Discovered On Playlists in this New Update


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