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Our team here at PlaylistSupply often receives questions about other music promo services, playlisting options, and how they compare to PlaylistSupply. One of the most mentioned is the submission platform SubmitHub. PlaylistSupply and Submithub are extremely different both in the way they work and their mission. This article covers the details of how they both work and their differences. This article will help you if you are wondering how you can submit music to playlist curators the most efficient way.

Curator Vetting Process

 PlaylistSupply provides a variety of data points about playlists and their owners. This allows you to conduct your own vetting process and determine whether a playlist’s quality meets your standards and overall helps to find the best curators to submit music to playlists.

To be a curator for SubmitHub curators need playlists to have a minimum 1,000 followers. It’s up to your discretion whether they are quality playlists. SubmitHub monitors the monthly listeners for each playlist by requesting their Spotify for Artists information.

Finding Playlists

On SubmitHub, you can find the playlist owners you want to reach out to and manually select them. The playlist curator will add their playlists sorted by genre to SubmitHub’s system. 

PlaylistSupply instead searches all existing playlists and lists a variety of important information and data such as follower count, last modified, description, and a variety of contact information. Searching and submitting to playlists on PlaylistSupply allows for users to search by much more than just genre. You can search by any genre, artist name, track name, language,  and virtually any keyword you determine will garner results.


SubmitHub allows you to submit your music to each curator individually one by one. This means you can start with as little as $6 but if you want to reach 100 curators it could cost over $100.

PlaylistSupply costs $19.99 per month and allows you to search and submit to playlists without limit. No matter if you search and submit to 100 or 10000 curators it will remain $19.99.

Submission Limits

SubmitHub does not have any sort of limit to the amount of submissions. This means you can send as many tracks as you want to a curator and they have to review them in a 48 hour period. This has disadvantages because you have no idea whether or not your submissions will be reviewed and potentially overwhelm a curator. It is unlikely that a curator has time to review a large amount of submissions in just 48 hours.

PlaylistSupply also does not have any limit to the amount of submissions or searches you conduct. As primarily a search platform, PlaylistSupply allows you to maintain control of your outreach entirely. Curators are also not pressured to respond in any amount of time. This is because PlaylistSupply does not operate on a limited network or database of playlists but instead indexes all available playlists.

Submission Acceptance Rate

The current approval rate for SubmitHub is 20% for so-called premium submissions and only 6% for all other submissions as of August 19th 2021. 

PlaylistSupply is not a third-party middleman and all outreach is dependent on the creativity and strategy of the user. We do not charge per “premium submission” as we do not have any marketing schemes around submitting.

PlaylistSupply provides you with essential vetting data and up-to-date contact information that allows you to do your own outreach and submit without limit. Every acceptance rate is different as our users all employ their own playlist pitching strategy.

For the best results we recommend some of these tried and true playlist promo strategies on how to best contact playlist curators.  

Network Volume

SubmitHub currently has probably around 1000 Spotify curators but there has been no data officially published by SubmitHub. Many users report a significant amount of inactive curators. 

PlaylistSupply indexes all playlists and currently there are over 4 billion playlists on Spotify. With our revolutionary search parameters you can narrow down to a playlist that has contact information for a certain social media platform like Instagram or Twitter and if an email address is listed. Our software is also scanning for when the playlists were last updated which can help to understand the quality of the playlist.

Submissions vs. Tool

While SubmitHub offers a playlist submission platform that connects artists to a limited number of playlist owners, PlaylistSupply is a software tool that helps to research all existing Playlists. Along with indexing all playlists, PlaylistSupply also provides users with playlisters contact information and other useful information to run your own playlist promotion campaign without any middleman. 

On SubmitHub you will have to manually submit your release playlist curators. It can be extremely time consuming to find the right playlisters for your particular genre.

With PlaylistSupply you can manage your playlisting campaign yourself and reach out to as many playlisters as you think is necessary. 

PlaylistSupply is not affiliated with Spotify or any playlists or any other company. 

That guarantees the highest standard of independence for our playlist promo tool and puts the power in your hands to directly contact curators without anyone in between.

Curator Compensation

SubmitHub directly pays its curators $0.50 — $1.50 per premium submission. This often incentivises curators to listen to tracks with financial profit in mind. A horror scenario for everybody who is trying to generate organic streams and followers.

PlaylistSupply is not involved in the actual campaign pitching process. That’s what makes our tool so cost efficient compared to SubmitHub or other similar platforms. 

Furthermore we are publishing free guides and strategies on our blog with innovative ideas for your playlist campaign aiming to save artists, managers, and labels a major cut of their promotional budget. 

Instead of a percentage of your budget being given to a middleman or third party. Our software allows you to entirely control your outreach yourself. We do not pay curators and we do not interfere in any user’s relationship with the curators they contact. We are not affiliated with Spotify either. 

Campaign Process

The PlalyistSupply playlist owner research tool is accessible on this page and you can start searching for playlist curators right away. No strings attached. You can start with your playlist pitching campaign within minutes instead of waiting on a service to process your ‘application’ or submission. PlaylistSupply will not have to listen to your release first or let you get approved first to help generate streams and higher follower numbers for you.


PlalyistSupply leaves all targeting entirely up to the user. Our tool is not a predefined database with a limited amount of curators or playlists. PlaylistSupply is a search engine that works with complex algorithms to find all existing playlists and their owners.

This makes it possible to target your outreach by searching for whatever keyword you want. Users of PlalyistSupply have reported great success with searching for activities or even just everyday life situations such as ‘workout’ or ‘car music’. You can also just search for your genre, similar artists, or other music industry focused keywords.

PlaylistSupply’s search parameters will help you focus on playlist owners that have their contact information listed. Using our software you can generate unlimited large databases of playlist curators that you can contact and submit your music to. For most successful playlist pitching we have written in-depth articles with insider playlisting strategies. These can be found on the blog page of our website. 

SubmitHub Music Submission Process

SubmitHub finances its platform by limiting curator and playlist availability and then selling customers “credits” to be redeemed per submission.

SubmitHub Credits

Pitching your release on SubmitHub requires you to purchase paid credits. These credits can be used for submissions but there is no guarantee your expense will result in placements. Curators receive a payment regardless of if they accept your submission or not.

PlaylistSupply instead comes as a research tool based solution built to support independent artists, music managers, record labels, and anyone looking to do playlist promotion or increase their streams/following. The software is intuitive and is built for indie artists and users that do not want to be dependent on any middleman and trust in their own skills more than any kind of music promotion service or middleman agency to manage their time and budget.

SubmitHub’s Genre Search has very limited functionality compared to PlaylistSupply. The PlaylistSupply software is an advanced research tool that lets you focus on keywords outside of outdated genre borders. You are not limited to predefined genres and can search for a genre that was created even yesterday! PlaylistSupply empowers artists to do their own market research and get creative within their niche. 

In Conclusion

PlaylistSupply allows you to effortlessly search and contact unlimited playlist curators. PlaylistSupply does not depend on any database and directly indexes all playlists. This allows for unlimited and exponential potential. 


SubmitHub is great if you have a more expendable budget to promote your music and do not mind paying per submission and the limited network of playlists available on the platform. 

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