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playlistsupply vs playlistpush

PlaylistSupply vs PlaylistPush – What’s The Better Option For Independent Artists in 2021

Unlike PlaylistPush, our tool PlaylistSupply delivers a variety of data points about curators and their playlists. Using such technology you can  conduct your own vetting process and determine whether a playlist’s quality meets your standards and overall find the best curators to submit music to playlists. PlaylistSupply reaches playlists in every language and can be used to find playlists and playlist curators in every region.

playlist promo, submithub, playlist pitching, playlisthunter, playlist push, music promo, playlist curators

PlaylistSupply vs SubmitHub – What’s the best tool for playlist promo in 2021?

Our team here at PlaylistSupply often receives questions about other music promo services, playlisting options, and how they compare to PlaylistSupply. One of the most mentioned is the submission platform SubmitHub. PlaylistSupply and Submithub are extremely different...
playlist pitching, how to contact playlist curators

How to contact best playlist curators in the music industry

Submitting To Playlists and Grow Your Streams and FanbaseFull guide: How to contact best playlist curators in the music industryWhen reaching out to playlists often curators charge a fee for artists to get a placement. But what if you’ve spent your playlist fee...