The latest playlisting tool in the market has officially arrived …. Playlistsupply is a new promotional tool that allows people to research playlists with speed and ease.”

Ranya Khoury

Hits Daily Double, Music Blog

“During various internships I spent tons of hours manually researching playlists and contact info. This tool almost replaced half of the work I did as an intern and has allowed me to focus on more meaningful work and learning”

Phil Moti

Music Intern

“As an artist in a more niche genre I was first skeptical about the tool. After using it for just a few searches my skepticism evaporated. There is no genre, style, or sound that this tool leaves uncovered. Whether brutal techno or rap metal music this tool is an amazing asset”

Zach Lindh

Indie Artist

“As a manager, I am always looking for new tools to bolster my clients rate of playlist pitching success. PlaylistSupply is a phenomenal tool that has stripped lightyears off of that process and saved me not only time, but energy and resources.”

Andrew Kwan

Artist Management, Romantic Music Group

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