“As an artist in a more niche genre, I was skeptical at first about PlaylistSupply. After using it for just a few searches my skepticism evaporated. There is no genre, style, or sound that this playlist analyzer leaves uncovered. Whether brutal techno or rap metal music this playlist promo tool is an amazing asset.”

Zach Lindh

Indie Artist

“As a manager, I am always looking for new tools to bolster my clients playlist pitching success. PlaylistSupply is a phenomenal music promo tool that has stripped lightyears off of that process and saved me not only time, but energy and resources. There aren’t any tools out there quite like it and is much cheaper than most tools available these days, so it’s great when you’re DIY and doing playlist promotion on a budget.”

Drew Abelson

Maverick Management

“My team has been using PlaylistSupply for a few months and the degree to which it has streamlined and amplified our playlist pitching process has been phenomenal. The tool is easy to use and takes the guess work out of playlist promo. The results speak for themselves!”

Jake Gindy

Artist Manager

“I’m an artist  with prior experience in music PR and Radio. What I love most about PlaylistSupply is that YOU dictate the search terms – within a week, I broke the Spotify listenership records of all my previous bands.

The beauty of this music marketing tool is that there’s no limit to the playlists you can find on it.”

Jordan H. Kleinman

Artist, Social Media Marketer, Fender, buzzbands.la, AMAPAC Radio

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