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PlaylistSupply Search API

Our tool is driven by cutting-edge algorithms that expedite playlist discovery with unrivaled efficiency. We find the most relevant playlists and their data in real-time, and based on any artist, genre, or keyword.  Aggregate data en mass in real-time including email, social media, and follower numbers.

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Organic Search API

The PlaylistSupply Organic Search allows you to target “Discovered On” playlists. This unique feature empowers you with data on high-traffic playlists. Use our API to provide targetted searching for “Discovered On” playlist data for your users or music marketing application!

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PlaylistVet API

Leverage PlaylistVet; our AI playlist quality-check solution. This process allows mass vetting of playlists by  employing a meticulous playlist cross-referencing process between “Discovered On” playlists showcased on an artist’s profile and a playlists data.