Search for only organic playlists with real listeners!

Ever wondered on which Spotify Playlists fans discovered their favorite artists? Select your plan below to find out!

PlaylistSupply’s latest Organic Playlist Search reinvents the way you find organic, quality playlists to submit your music to.

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Our new Organic Playlist Search indexes Spotify’s high-quality “Discovered On” Playlists and targets them directly. You can now search by any artist name and PlaylistSupply will gather all “Discovered On” Playlists and their playlist owner’s contact info.

Searching for “Discovered On” playlists directly from an artist’s profile is the best way to find playlists with real listeners. Spotify’s Discovered on Playlists are high-traffic playlists that are the top sources of artist discovery.

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Our Organic Playlist search tool requires access to the PlaylistSupply Basic tool. Searches that don’t deliver any Spotify playlist curator contact information won’t be charged.
Searces with 1-5 playlists with contact details will be charged with 1 credit point. Searches that deliver 5 or more playlist owner contact details cost 2 credit points.