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Playlist Supply

Music marketing as an indie artist in 2023 is not easy, but there are some ways to make it easier. One of these ways is reaching out to playlist curators to get on Spotify playlists. These independent playlist curators make up most of Spotify playlists and are crucial for artists to find new fans and get more streams. 

If you want to skyrocket your exposure and reach a whole new audience, you’re probably considering two popular music promotion services: PlaylistSupply and SoundCampaign. 

But let us tell you, there’s only one option to make your music soar to the top and get you the recognition you deserve: PlaylistSupply. 

Playlist Supply is the leading Spotify playlist research tool that helps you get your music onto Spotify Playlists. 

The idea is simple: enter your criteria into our search bar (i.e., Pop, Hip-Hop, Workout, etc.), and we provide you with a list of Spotify playlists, along with the corresponding contact information of the playlist’s curator.

PlaylistSupply vs. SoundCampaign

As the world’s first and leading Spotify playlist data tool and Spotify playlist curator research tool, musicians, record label owners, and artist managers sometimes ask us how PlaylistSupply differs from other similar tools such as SoundCampaign.

Playlist Supply offers users countless ways to search, filter, analyze, and export your playlist curator data. Here are some examples of how PlaylistSupply offers the best ways to get your music onto editorial playlists. 

While SoundCampaign might offer various services, they’re trying to be a jack-of-all-trades. They can’t match the focused passion that we bring to the table. 

Find Playlister Contact Info

The first advantage of using Playlist Supply is that it has the playlist curator’s contact information at your fingertips. While SoundCampaign is limited to sending your song to their team while they send the music out, we allow artists to choose which playlists they want to send their music. 

While it may initially seem appealing to allow someone else to do the work, artists using PlaylistSupply end up with an everlasting database of playlists and their data that grows over time. 

And what about SoundCampaign’s influencer marketing? Sure, it can be fun, but it’s not always the most effective way to reach new audiences. It’s like trying to hit a bull’s eye with a handful of darts – sometimes you hit the target, but most of the time, you miss. At PlaylistSupply, we’ve honed our playlist placement skills to a fine edge, focusing on getting your music to the right playlists. 

Exporting & Saving

PlaylistSupply allows users to copy the results table or export them as CSV, excel, or pdf files. 

SoundCampaign has no such features for playlisting or exporting.

In a recent update, Playlist Supply released a new feature that provides every user with their own Playlist Directory portal that allows musicians to save playlists from the results table.

SoundCampaign does not have the option to build a playlist directory or any way to export playlist curator search results.

Vetting Playlist Curators 

At PlaylistSupply, we know how important it is to work with the right people. That’s why we take the time to carefully vet all of our playlist curators, making sure they have a passion for music and a proven track record. We work with curators from all over the world in every genre imaginable, so no matter what kind of music you create, we can help you reach your target audience.

While SoundCampaign has its own database of playlists, there is no guarantee for artists that the playlists are vetted on the artist’s own terms. This could be vetting based on criteria such as “Last Updated” or “Relevance”, while SoundCampaign offers no such information. 

Pricing and Value

At PlaylistSupply, our pricing is transparent and straightforward. 

Playlist Supply simply offers a $19.99/month fee for unlimited contacts. This shows that we allow and trust our users to make the best of our platform as they see fit. Meanwhile, SoundCampaign only offers an “average pricing” of 50$, without any guarantees or details. 

PlaylistSupply vs. SoundCampaign in Conclusion 

When it comes to music marketing, PlaylistSupply is the clear winner. We’ve got everything you need to get your music in front of the right audience, including a vetted network of playlist curators, powerful search patterns, easy filtering, and data management, and an affordable price. So why wait? Sign up to PlaylistSupply today and start reaching more people with your music!

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