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The PlaylistSupply team sometimes gets requests inquiring into other music promotion services, playlisting companies, and how they stack up against PlaylistSupply. A frequently mentioned one is the playlisting service PlaylistPush. PlaylistSupply and PlaylistPush are different both in their operation and objective. This article will go over the in-depth details of how they both work and their key differences. The goal of this article is to help you find the best way to submit music to playlist curators in the absolute most efficient way.

Vetting Through Curators

In order to be a curator for PlaylistPush curators need their playlists to have a minimum of 1,000 followers with a minimum of only 30 active monthly listeners per playlist.

They also require just 1% Active Monthly Listeners per playlist. It is entirely up to PlaylistPush whether the playlists are quality or not.

The PlaylistPush curator program is also only available for playlist owners living in North America and Europe. This means you will be missing out on many great playlisters across the globe many of which have extremely artist friendly playlisting conditions.

Unlike PlaylistPush, our tool PlaylistSupply delivers a variety of data points about curators and their playlists. Using such technology you can  conduct your own vetting process and determine whether a playlist’s quality meets your standards and overall find the best curators to submit music to playlists. PlaylistSupply reaches playlists in every language and can be used to find playlists and playlist curators in every region.


Playlist Discovery

On PlaylistPush, you can not find the contact details of playlist curators you want to reach out to. These contact details are kept private from the users. Playlist curators add their playlists sorted by genre to PlaylistPush’s system so that all pitching is handled by PlaylistPush itself. This means that they manage the relationship with the playlists and playlist curators entirely. 


PlaylistSupply instead searches all existing playlists and provides a variety of important information and data such as follower count, last modified, description, and a variety of contact information at your fingertips. The relationship with the playlist curator is directly managed by you, the user, and this allows for more autonomy and building of rapport. Searching and submitting to playlists on PlaylistSupply allows for users to search by much more specific criteria than just genre. You can search by any genre, artist name, track name, language,  and virtually any keyword you determine will garner results. 


Price and Budget

PlaylistPush states an average campaign’s cost is around $450. In reality pricing ranges from a minimum of $300 to $1,000+ depending on the targeting and matching the customer selects. PlaylistSupply cuts down these very high costs drastically as it’s available for only $19.99 per month and allows you to search and submit to playlist owners without limit. PlaylistSupply aims to be an accessible option that allows you to manage your own campaign regardless of the size of your budget. No matter if you search and submit to 100 or 10000 curators it will remain at this accessible price per month.

Limitations of a Campaign

PlaylistPush only allows one track per campaign. On any given day PlaylistPush limits their submissions per curator to 8 as well. This means if you are looking to submit multiple releases or work through a catalogue of past music, album, or EP, each track will have to be submitted individually. This means that seeking playlisting for a 5 track EP could easily cost $1500 to over $5000+ which can be very inaccessible for an indie artist on a DIY budget or small labels.


PlaylistSupply does not have any limit to the amount of submissions or searches you conduct. As primarily a search software and productivity platform, PlaylistSupply allows you to maintain control of your outreach entirely. Curators are also not pressured to respond in any amount of time. This is because PlaylistSupply does not operate on a limited network or database of playlists but instead indexes all available playlists. As an independent artist managing your own campaign you could share the entire 5 track EP or a full album to curators and allow them to choose a few tracks or all of them. How many tracks you submit and to how many curators is entirely up to the user.

Approval Rate for Submissions on PlaylistPush

The overall track acceptance rate for PlaylistPush curators is 22.4% as of Nov 13, 2019. This acceptance rate is also a result of their ability to decline your campaign entirely. Many submit their tracks to PlaylistPush for a campaign and are turned away. With a limited network and number of playlists and curators, PlaylistPush cannot service all genres, languages, and niches.

PlaylistSupply is not a third-party middleman and all outreach is dependent on the creativity and strategy of the artist and his or her team. Any genre, language, or niche that your music streams in is accepted. It is up to you and how you manage your playlisting campaign to get the best possible acceptance rate. We do not charge per submission as we do not have any marketing schemes around our tool.

PlaylistSupply provides you with necessary vetting data and up-to-date contact information that allows you to do your own outreach and submit without limit. Every acceptance rate is different as our users all employ their own playlist pitching strategy.

For the best results we recommend some of these tried and true playlist promo strategies on how to best contact playlist curators.  

Playlisting Network Size

PlaylistPush currently has only 928 Spotify curators listed as of November 20, 2019.

PlaylistSupply indexes all playlists and currently there are over 4 billion playlists on Spotify. In any given genre you can find hundreds to thousands of playlists with one search. With our revolutionary search parameters you can narrow down to a playlist that has contact information for a certain social media platform like Instagram or Twitter or if an email address is listed. Our software is also scanning for when the playlists were last updated which can help to understand the quality of the playlist.

Campaign Service Versus Software Tool

While PlaylistPush offers a third party playlist submission service that connects artists to a limited number of playlists and playlist owners, PlaylistSupply is a software tool that helps to research all existing Playlists. Along with indexing all playlists, PlaylistSupply also provides users with playlisters contact information and other useful information to run your own playlist promotion campaign without any middleman. 

Using PlaylistPush you will have to manually submit your release  to PlaylistPush for approval. Your submission itself will be vetted before it is submitted on your behalf to playlist curators. This process leaves the campaign out of your control.

With PlaylistSupply you can manage your playlisting campaign yourself and reach out to as many playlisters as you think is necessary. PlaylistSupply is not affiliated with Spotify or any playlists or any other company. We do not pay or negotiate with any curator and the way you manage your relationship with curators is completely up to you. That guarantees the highest standard of independence for our playlist promo tool and puts the power in your hands to directly contact curators without anyone in between.

Playlist Owner Payments

PlaylistPush pays its creators and curators anywhere from $1.50 — $15 per song. The payment that curators receive for playlist placement is the main incentive for working with PlaylistPush

PlaylistSupply is not involved in the actual campaign pitching process. That’s what makes the PlaylistSupply software tool so cost efficient compared to PlaylistPush or other similar music marketing platforms. 

Furthermore we are publishing free guides and strategies on our blog with innovative ideas for your playlist campaign aiming to save artists, managers, and labels a major cut of their promotional budget. These include tips to incentivize curators without paying them a fee.

Instead of a percentage of your budget being given to a middleman or third party. Our software allows you to entirely control your outreach yourself. We do not pay curators and we do not interfere in any user’s relationship with the curators they contact. We are not affiliated with Spotify either. 

Outreach Process and the Steps of a Campaign

On PlaylistPush you start with a submission application that requires you to give them information such as country of residence, phone number, and the language of your music. After this you wait to see if you are accepted. 

The PlaylistSupply playlist owner research tool is accessible on this page and you can start searching for playlist curators right away. We do not have any approval process so any track you choose can be used for submitting. No strings attached. 

You can start with your playlist pitching campaign within minutes instead of waiting on a service to process your ‘application’ or submission.

PlaylistSupply will not have to listen to your release first or approve your music first. You can sign up and get straight to submitting your tracks and working to increase your streams, monthly followers, monthly listeners, and fanbas.

Pinpointing your Market

If your music makes it through the PlaylistPush campaign submission process you will be required to provide even more information such as genre, similar artist, and style of music related to your playlist submission campaign. PlaylistPush then takes this information and uses it to limit the outreach to a smaller group of playlists that may be relevant to your release. 

PlaylistSupply allows you to skip this multi-step process and move directly to searching for genre, similar artists, and any niche related keywords. PlaylistSupply allows users to distinguish all of their own targeting parameters.

Outreach is not restricted in any way and you can reach out to playlists that may be even on the fringe of the genre your release is in.

PlaylistSupply is a software based researching tool and is not a pre-built database or network which has a limited number of curators and playlists.

PlaylistSupply is a software based search engine that works with complex algorithms to find all existing playlists, their data, and their owners.

This enables users to target their outreach by gathering data for whatever keyword they choose. 

The PlalyistSupply userbase has reported great fantastic results using keywords related to listening based activities or even everyday life situations such as ‘studying’ or ‘weight lifting’.

The best results are found using niche specific terms such as genre, similar artists, or other music industry related keywords.

Users have reported making a list of 10-20 similar artists and searching these individually to provide fantastic results.

PlaylistSupply’s search parameters allow you zero in on playlist owners that have their email address or a social media handle associated with their playlist.

The PlaylistSupply software allows you to generate an unlimited amount of sizable playlist curator databases that you can use to do outreach.

Our team has put the best practices for your campaigns on our blog.

PlaylistPush Music Application Process

PlaylistPush is designed as a middleman platform selling custom playlist campaigns of non-exclusive playlist owners to their customers. 

PlaylistSupply instead comes as a software based research tool built  as a solution for music managers, independent artists, record labels, and any users looking to do playlist outreach and increase their fanbase. 

Our software is intuitive and created with independent artists in mind. It’s PlaylistSupply’s goal is to empower artists and their teams to not be relying on any middleman or third party service and rather trust in their own skills and marketing ability. 

PlaylistSupply vs. PlaylistPush in Conclusion

PlaylistSupply enables you to seamlessly search, save, and contact unlimited playlists and their curators. PlaylistSupply is not dependent on any limited database and directly indexes every available playlists. Thus unlimited and exponential potential is available to your campaign. 


PlaylistPush can be a good option if you have a professional marketing budget (10K+) to spend and access to a larger more expendable budget. If you do not mind the risk associated with spending a minimum of $300 for playlisting with no guarantees to a smaller network, this may be the option for you.