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The PlaylistSupply team occasionally gets asked how our Spotify playlisting data tool compares to other Spotify playlist promotion services and playlist promotion companies.

PlaylistHunter is a tool that emerged a few months after PlaylistSupply’s release with a direct copy of the very first edition of our playlist marketing software. 

Our team was searching for new mentions of our playlist marketing software online when we stumbled on a direct copy of our software!

Since PlaylistHunter was created the tool has not changed from this feature limited first version while PlaylistSupply’s music promo software has undergone countless updates and improvements to keep it the music industry’s leading playlist data and curator research tool.

Vetting Playlist Curators

PlaylistHunter provides no information that will assist in the vetting process of a playlist or playlist curators. PlaylistHunter does not offer the same data points as PlaylistSupply or any way to organize and save playlist curators information within the platform. 

PlaylistSupply offers a variety of unique playlist marketing  data points that will help you vet a playlist or curator and determine which are the right playlists for you.

PlaylistSupply provides users with a dedicated Playlist Directory, which you can read about here, where Spotify playlist curators contact info can be saved, organized, and monitored for changes. PlaylistSupply’s user playlist directory allows you to update your playlist selection and see changes in all of its data points such as playlist followers and popularity.


Search Patterns

PlaylistSupply has a huge amount of pre-built playlist search patterns within its playlist research algorithm that separates it from PlaylistHunter in search capacity. When running a search on PlaylistHunter you will find just a very small fraction of the playlist curator contacts you will find on PlaylistSupply. 

The playlist curators data provided by PlaylistSupply is more detailed, relevant, and abundant due to its complex more effective search patterns. We are constantly adding new playlist search patterns that allow you to get the most precise results possible. 

While PlaylistHunter will just search for Instagram and Email Contacts PlaylistSupply will search also for playlist curator contact information on every other social media networks like Twitter or Facebook.

PlaylistSupply will also extract embedded links from playlist descriptions which speeds up your research for playlist owner contacts drastically. You can read more about our search patterns and how they work here on our blog.

These search patterns which PlaylistHunter lacks is what gives PlaylistSupply more accurate results and data. This allows you to find more quality playlists and playlist curators. 

Updates: PlaylistSupply vs. PlaylistHunter

PlaylistHunter has not been updated since its initial copying of the first version of PlaylistSupply. The PlaylistHunter tool reflects this in its slow loading, limited results, and inaccurate playlist contact information.

In contrast, PlaylistSupply is frequently updated to patch in improvements, add features, and guarantee that users get the best playlist results as quickly as possible. 

PlaylistSupply’s frequent updates keep it on the forefront of new quality playlists while PlaylistHunter is a cheap imitation clone of our early original software.

Filtering Data and Search Results

 PlaylistSupply provides you with a variety of filtering and data points that are unavailable with PlaylistHunter and other competitors. PlaylistSupply empowers indie artists by providing information about Playlists and Playlist curators that no other data tool offers.

Along with these extra data points, PlaylistSupply also enables you to filter the data and search results in more ways. This allows you to supercharge your outreach and get the best possible results for your playlist curator outreach.

PlaylistHunter Playlist Analytics

As you can see in this screenshot below PlaylistHunter lacks nearly all of the playlist details and data points that PlaylistSupply provides. This barebones knockoff of PlaylistSupply is a weak attempt at replication of our revolutionary software tool.

 PlalyistSupply Playlist Analytics

This screenshot below shows the full extent of PlaylistSupply’s data points and the playlist curator information they provide. These data points like popularity, last modified, and the number of tracks makes finding quality playlists extremely organized and efficient.

Our team is always open for any recommendations and new feature ideas we can put in place to improve your playlisting promo campaign process.

Community and Support

PlaylistHunter has extremely limited support and due to its imitator nature has not fostered a user community like PlaylistSupply has created.

PlaylistSupply support is available 24/7 via email, DM, and also always willing to schedule a call to talk through strategies and the best practices for using the tool.

Since its inception PlaylistSupply has built a massive network of indie artists, managers, music marketing companies, bookings agencies, and record labels.

This allows PlaylistSupply to have a diverse user community that is constantly engaged in sharing success stories, providing feedback for improvements, and using PlaylistSupply to run next level campaigns. 


Exporting & Saving

PlaylistSupply allows you to copy the results table or export them as csv, excel, or pdf.

PlaylistHunter has no such features. In a recent update PlaylistSupply released a new feature that provides every user with their own Playlist Directory portal that allows you to save playlists of your choosing from the results table.

By checking the box to its left, and save them in your Playlist Directory all within the PlaylistSupply data tool. PlaylistHunter does not have a playlist directory or any way to export your playlist curator search results.


Price and Value

After copying PlaylistSupply, PlaylistHunter sought to undercut the original software by providing a cheap imitation for a cheaper price.

PlaylistHunter and PlaylistSupply are similar in price, however, PlaylistSupply provides substantially more value through its more developed software, responsive support team, and vibrant community and blog resources. PlaylistHunter is $15/month and PlaylistSupply is $19.99/month. 

PlaylistSupply vs. PlaylistHunter in Conclusion


Ultimately there is no competition to PlaylistSupply when it comes to Spotify playlist data research tools and curator outreach. PlaylistSupply is an infinitely better value when compared to PlaylistHunter.

PlaylistSupply provides a much more advanced and effective software tool that blows PlaylistHunter out of the water. PlaylistSupply has a robust platform where its community is actively engaged in the constant development of the software and its effectiveness.

When it comes to playlist curator outreach and research for playlist contacts, PlaylistSupply is the best way to find, organize, and contact playlists.