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How Does PlaylistSupply Work compared to Groover?


What does PlaylistSupply do?

PlaylistSupply is a groundbreaking music marketing tool revolutionizing how artists promote their music on Spotify. It serves as a real-time search engine scouring all public playlists with contact information, providing artists unparalleled access to organic high-quality Spotify playlists. Users can type a keyword or similar artist into the search bar and easily find hundreds of Spotify playlists only within minutes. By leveraging PlaylistSupply, artists can effortlessly boost their streams, organically increase monthly listeners, and elevate their Spotify exposure.

What is Groover and how does it work?

Groover is a platform for artists to connect with playlist curators, media outlets, and publishers online. Artists can then send them their music using the website currency, Grooviz, to ask for feedback or a spot on a Spotify playlist or blog. Curators sign up to the Groover platform and once they are approved, they can start giving feedback on songs or demos. Users can search through this database of curators to find which ones they plan on submitting their music to. However, campaigns on Groover can easily amount to hundreds of dollars, and the platform does not have the functionality to effectively track playlist traffic, statistics, and legitimacy over time. It performs like a more niche Submithub.

PlaylistSupply vs. Groover

In a market flooded with music marketing tools, artists, managers, record labels, and other industry professionals constantly seek the most effective solution to promote their music. Playlist Supply is the first-of-its-kind tool suite offering unlimited reach to high-quality Spotify playlists and curators. Unlike Groover and other platforms confined to limited databases or requiring curator sign-ups, PlaylistSupply indexes all playlists with live data, ensuring artists can access an extensive pool of Spotify playlist curators and playlist analytics with just a few clicks. Playlist Supply also offers many features and data points that allow users to assess a playlist’s quality, traffic, and the amount of visibility it gets the artists within.

PlaylistSupply's Unlimited Reach

While Groover is limited to its database of curators, PlaylistSupply has access to all the playlists and styles of music on Spotify. It scans through all available playlist analytics data in real-time, so even if a curator published a new playlist just shortly ago, it would show up on PlaylistSupply instantly. With Playlist Supply, there are no limits to finding Spotify curators, empowering artists to connect with the right Spotify playlists and maximizing their reach for gaining fans and organic listeners.

Meanwhile, Groover relies on curators signing up to their platform first, and with thousands of users constantly submitting their work to this limited number of curators, competition is higher. Groover has around 2,500 curators on their platform while with PlaylistSupply, users have access to all existing playlists and curators on Spotify. This gives artists, managers, and record labels a ton more opportunities to get on a vast majority of high quality Spotify playlists at much lower costs too! 


PlaylistVet: PlaylistSupply Allows Users to Vet and Filter Playlists

PlaylistSupply revolutionized the music marketing industry by introducing its latest feature, PlaylistVet. This powerful feature enables users to assess playlists’ quality, traffic, and legitimacy within minutes. By leveraging an advanced AI model, PlaylistVet cross-checks playlists with Spotify’s “Discovered On” sections, providing users with valuable insights into playlist authenticity and visibility on the front page of artist’s Spotify profiles. Additionally, users can add playlists to their own Playlist Database and monitor playlist analytics by tracking changes in followers over time, ensuring they only engage with reputable curators and playlists with organic analytics changes.

On the other hand, Groover users do not have the ability to directly monitor the traffic and statistics of playlists they are interested in over time. This hinders artists’ ability to detect good quality playlists from bad quality playlists. Using PlaylistSUpply and all available features on the platform, artists, managers, and record labels are able to filter out bad quality playlists within minutes using our top playlist quality checking features.

PlaylistSupply Uses AI and Advanced Playlistlist Data Analytics

Powered by cutting-edge AI and advanced data analytics, PlaylistSupply goes beyond traditional search methods. The platform’s Organic Search feature targets Spotify’s “Discovered On” sections directly from artists’ Spotify profiles, allowing users to broaden their search horizons effortlessly and reach out to high-quality playlists with genuine traffic and visibility. 

The Spotify “Discovered On” section is a hotspot for organic listeners and new fans for your upcoming playlist marketing campaign. It offers visibility into the most popular playlists with extensive fan activity counts that perform well within the Spotify algorithm. By leveraging PlaylistSupply’s Organic Search feature, users gain access to these top-performing playlists, giving their music a competitive edge in the crowded Spotify landscape. 

Alternatively, Groover has a “Top Curator” label for specific curators that they consider to be the most influential to help users find the best curators on their platform. However, each submission to a top curator on Groover costs double the price of a regular submission, which will amount to thousands of dollars with no guaranteed placement either on any playlist. Furthermore, the criteria to be a top curator are vague in terms of statistics and actual traffic going through these curators’ playlists, therefore these “Top Curators” may not be legitimate at all.. In comparison, PlaylistSupply uses AI and Spotify’s own “Discovered On” data to help its users find the best possible and high quality playlists to submit to at a lower cost.

By streamlining the playlist discovery process, PlaylistSupply saves indie artists valuable time, enabling them to focus on pitching to high-quality curators and promoting their upcoming releases effectively.

Price and Value

Groover uses a credit system to submit to Spotify curators. Each submission to a curator on Groover costs 2 Grooviz, which is equivalent to 2 Euros, and 4 Grooviz for Top Curators. This pricing means submitting to 50 curators can quickly add up to over $100 when using Groover. Meanwhile, PlaylistSupply simply offers a base fee of $19.99 to get access to an unlimited amount of playlist curator contacts with tiered options for playlist quality monitoring and advanced playlist data analytics. With PlaylistSupply, artists can explore endless opportunities without breaking the bank, making it the ultimate choice for quality, cost and time-effective playlist marketing.

In conclusion, when submitting music to Spotify curators in 2024, PlaylistSupply emerges as the clear winner compared to Groover which has a limited database of curators and fewer options for verifying and tracking playlist statistics, and will cost independent artists thousands of dollars with no guarantee of placement nor legitimacy. With PlaylistSupply’s unlimited reach and innovative features like PlaylistVet and the Organic Playlist Search,  PlaylistSupply empowers artists to unlock their full potential on Spotify with a commitment to affordability. 

Artists can finally organically promote and market their music releases to new audiences on Spotify playlists using PlaylistSupply. Unlock the true potential of your music career today with PlaylistSupply.

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