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PlaylistSupply vs. PlaylistOwl: What's the difference?


An overview

PlaylistSupply is the first of its kind in terms of playlist curator search engines for Spotify playlists, providing users with the ability to find playlist data and discover curator contact information based on any keyword or criteria. Whether you’re searching by genre, musical style, mood, language, or even by specific artists, Playlist Supply can sift through Spotify’s entire system to find playlists that directly match your needs. On the other hand, PlaylistOwl offers a similar service but with a more limited reach and less advanced functionality, making it harder for independent artists to find the right playlists for their music. While both tools aim to connect artists with curators, PlaylistSupply’s comprehensive approach and innovative features set it apart from Playlist Owl allowing artists, managers, and record labels to find high quality and high traffic Spotify playlists with ease.

What is PlaylistSupply?

PlaylistSupply is a powerful research marketing tool designed to help indie artists, managers, and record labels promote their music by getting featured on good quality Spotify playlists. It operates as a real-time search engine, scanning through Spotify to find playlists with public contact information and other helpful playlist data. Users can type in any keyword that relates to or describes their music and select various criteria to discover playlists that align with their promotional and music marketing goals. With unlimited searches, detailed analytics, and unique features like PlaylistVet and the Organic Search, PlaylistSupply provides a robust platform for artists to maximize their Spotify exposure by organically boosting streams and overall monthly listeners.

What is PlaylistOwl and How Does It Work?

PlaylistOwl is a platform trying to simplify the process of finding and contacting Spotify playlist curators. As opposed to Playlist Supply, PlaylistOwl is merely a small database of playlists with extremely limited features and data insights on Spotify playlists. Furthermore, it is unclear as to what are the capabilities of the PlaylistOwl tool, as on the Playlist Owl website it is clearly stated that “PlaylistOwl sifts through 1,000 Spotify playlists to filter and locate the relevant contact details for you”, meaning they only have access to a limited amount of playlists, which does not make it function in real-time. On the other hand, PlaylistSupply is confident in its ability to search through all of the playlists that exist on Spotify, which consists of billions of playlists. While PlaylistOwl serves as a tool for connecting with curators, its functionality is more limited compared to PlaylistSupply’s extensive capabilities and features, which has all the capabilities of Playlist Owl and a ton more for artists, managers, and record labels to enhance their playlisting and music marketing strategy to the fullest.

What sets PlaylistSupply apart?

PlaylistSupply Allows You to Curate Your Own Database of Curators

One of Playlist Supply’s standout features is its ability to let users create their own database or list of Spotify playlist curators. This database is not static; it comes with robust playlist data tracking analytics to ensure each playlist is of high quality. Users can update their database to monitor any significant changes in analytics, such as changes in followers or track count, ensuring that all targeted playlists remain legitimate, organic, and are gradually growing. In contrast, Playlist Owl lacks this feature, offering no means to monitor playlist analytics and detect any fluctuations in follower count, which limits its effectiveness in long-term playlist marketing strategies and gives no insight on which playlists are of good quality and high traffic.

PlaylistSupply Lets Artists Stay Ahead with the Organic Search Feature

PlaylistSupply’s Organic Search feature is a game-changer for artists, managers, and music industry professionals. This feature allows users to search through artists’ “Discovered On” sections from their Spotify profiles, which are crucial for driving traffic and contain the best quality playlists for an artist. By targeting these high-traffic playlists, users can ensure their music reaches the most active and engaged Spotify listeners. PlaylistOwl, on the other hand, is limited to basic playlist searches, a functionality already included in PlaylistSupply’s basic offerings. The Organic Search feature provides Playlist Supply users with a distinct advantage in finding and targeting the most impactful playlists

PlaylistSupply’s PlaylistVet: The Best Way to Check Playlist Quality

A key feature that distinguishes PlaylistSupply from Playlist Owl is PlaylistVet. This innovative playlist quality checking feature allows Playlist Supply users to verify the quality and authenticity of playlists on Spotify with a single click. PlaylistVet employs an advanced AI model to cross-check playlists with Spotify’s “Discovered On” sections, providing a quality score based on genuine traffic and visibility. This ensures that artists only target playlists that offer real value and engagement. Users will receive health scores based on how many artists on a selected playlist have the playlist as one of their best-performing playlists on their profile on Spotify. PlaylistOwl does not offer a similar feature, making PlaylistSupply the superior choice for artists who want to ensure their music is featured on reputable and high quality playlists.

Price and Customer Support Comparisons

When comparing pricing, PlaylistSupply offers a monthly subscription starting at $19.99 for unlimited access to curator contacts and upper tiers for its full suite of features, including PlaylistVet and Organic Search. Users can easily pause or cancel their subscription at any time via their account page which makes it flexible to use whenever needed. PlaylistOwl runs on a one-time payment option of $69 for access to its database of playlists which lacks the advanced search capabilities, features and analytics that Playlist Supply offers. Part of Playlist Owl’s membership are freebies which all PlaylistSupply users already have 24/7 access to for free, such as tips, consultations, and free calls from the team to maximize user experience.

In Conclusion: PlaylistSupply vs. PlaylistOwl

Considering the side-by-side comparison of capabilities, features, pricing, and customer support, PlaylistSupply is the most definitely the better option for artists and managers to research playlists and determine their quality. Playlist Supply’s comprehensive search capabilities, innovative features like Playlist Vet and Organic Search, and user-friendly interface make it the ultimate tool for artists looking to boost their Spotify presence. While Playlist Owl offers decent functionalities, it falls short in comparison to the advanced and expansive features provided by PlaylistSupply. For artists, managers, and record labels aiming to make the most out of their playlist marketing strategies in 2024, PlaylistSupply is the definitive choice. The future of music marketing, promotion, and tech is already here with PlaylistSupply.

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