How to contact playlist curators?


Introducing the Playlist Directory feature. This new feature makes organic playlist pitching  and finding playlist contacts information infinitely more organized and accessible. The Playlist Directory feature implements a more advanced way to organize, save, export, and pitch playlists submissions to playlist curators.

Users of our service will now have a dedicated place within the Playlist data tool to save the playlist curators they choose through searching to streamline playlist submissions.

Log into the PlaylistSupply tool on our page as you would for a normal playlist pitching campaign. Load up a new search for playlist contacts and you will instantly notice some of the new improvements to the playlist data tool that have enhanced the playlist submission process

In the top right of the search portal you will find a button that says “My Playlist DB”. This is where you can find your personal Playlist Directory with all of the playlists and their curator contacts information you have selected for submitting and playlist pitching during your search.

On the left side of each playlist after a search you will now notice a checkbox. This checkbox will mark that playlist contacts or curator as selected. You can select multiple playlists and save the best playlist curators to target for your playlist pitch.

At the top of the playlist search results you will see a new button that says “Save To My Playlist Database”. This will take all of your selected playlists and playlist owner contacts and add them to your personal Playlist Directory to be used for playlist submission to curators.

In your personal Playlist Directory


…you can manually update and refresh the data about the playlists one time every 24 hours to see the latest growth or changes of the playlists’ data. Once you find a quality playlist curator you can save that to your Playlist Directory and monitor as it gains more streams, listeners, and followers!

These changes can be seen by the change in color of numbers as data points like popularity or following increase/decrease. Monitoring how a playlist’s followers or data points change can allow you to feel confident you are reaching out to quality playlist contacts.

Prior to this update, organizing or sorting your searches for playlist pitching and playlist curators had to be done after exporting search results to your computer. The new Playlist Directory feature makes playlisting faster and easier while having results saved directly to your playlisting database.

In your personal Playlist Directory you can collect playlist owner contact information from any searches about any genre, artist, or keyword and save them all in the same place.

This playlist data can be refreshed once every 24 hr within your Playlist Directory to keep your contacts and information about their playlists up-to-date. This will help you to observe a particular playlist owner without running the same searches over and over again.

Once you find a verified quality playlist owner’s contact you can save that to your Playlist Directory and monitor as it gains more followers or becomes more popular!

This way you don’t have to export all of your playlist information anymore and you can filter them faster than ever to find out which of your playlists has the most followers, highest track popularity score, was updated lately or many other interesting facts about your saved playlist data. Filtering and analyzing playlists is unavoidable for a successful playlist curator outreach campaign.

The Directory tool allows you to run your entire playlist outreach campaign directly from the playlist owner finder tool without having to organize or export spreadsheets on your own computer. This simplified playlist promotion process allows you to spend more time reaching relevant playlist owners and locking in playlist placements. You can read more about our tips and tricks for playlist pitching here.

In this latest update we have also included a new Organic Playlist Search Pattern that allows you to search by artist name for playlists and playlist curators with verified traffic. These searches might only generate a small amount of direct contact information so it is best practice that you run many searches with this feature to get the best results when running your playlist submission campaign.

We recommend having a list of as many relevant artists so that you can easily find the right playlists to pitch your music to. You can also find lists of similar musicians for each artist on their Spotify profile. This allows you to discover new artists relevant to you in order to expand your playlist data results and therefore your audience.

As the music industry evolved more towards the digitization of music it is becoming increasingly difficult for indie artists and record labels to break music. This update is part of our goal to make getting playlisted more efficient and accessible. We strive to set ourselves apart from other playlisting and playlist services by simplifying the playlist submission process with a next level playlist contact finder tool.

Throughout 2022 we will be improving and adding features that enable artists to get more streams, gain new fans, and progress their careers as efficiently as possible.


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