Marketing Past Spotify Releases With PlaylistSupply 2

An indie artist’s Spotify catalog is a powerful asset. In the world of artist marketing, Spotify promotion, and record label or publishing deals, your backdated music catalog and releases reflect the arc of your career in the music industry. 

For independent artists looking to stay musically relevant, it’s essential to listen to the latest trends and marketing tactics. Applying music industry strategies like Spotify Playlisting, TikTok promo, and Instagram marketing for current releases is just the tip music marketing campaign iceberg, and remarketing past music releases can be even more cumbersome for an indie artist without a manager or label budget. 

Platforms like PlaylistSupply offer a lifeline for musicians looking to breathe new life into their older song releases and revive old Spotify tracks that lost streaming power or never made it to“Discovered On” playlists. 

By leveraging Playlist Supply’s innovative playlisting features, artists can tap into the power of playlists, playlist data, and curated contact information to showcase their songs to fresh audiences, curators, and fans to reignite interest in their music.

Spotify Playlisting Trick - Drive Streams to Old Releases

Contrary to popular belief, music streaming or going viral doesn’t have an expiration date. With the right music marketing and Spotify playlisting strategy, artists can continue to promote their past music releases long after their initial Spotify or Distrokid debut. Whether it’s a forgotten Spotify album release or a viral TikTok track that didn’t receive the original streaming it deserved at the time, Playlist Supply empowers artists to apply the latest Spotify playlist data and music marketing strategy to drive traffic to older music and target Spotify’s “Discovered On” playlists and top playlist curators.

Harnessing PlaylistSupply's Best Spotify Playlisting Features:

PlaylistSupply has recently released Organic Search and PlaylistVet, a top-quality checking feature and search feature for independent artists, designed to streamline the playlist discovery and vetting process and find the right playlists for your music. 

Here’s how indie artists, managers, and record labels can make the most of these features:

PlaylistSupply’s Organic Playlist Search Feature provides artists with direct access to Spotify’s high-quality “Discovered On” playlists. By simply entering an artist’s name, musicians can uncover high-quality playlists where their favorite artists were discovered directly on Spotify. This targeted approach allows musicians to connect with playlists and curators that resonate with their genre and style of music to introduce their music to a new audience.

PlaylistVet takes playlist evaluation to the next level with its advanced AI model. By cross-referencing “Discovered On” playlists with artist profiles, Playlist Vet assigns a quality rating based on the number of profiles it appears on. The higher the score the higher the relevance and engagement of the playlist. Armed with this data, artists can prioritize their outreach efforts and focus on playlists with the greatest potential for exposure.

Pitching Old Spotify Releases: Strategic Approach to Give Your Catalog a Boost

Using data and insights from Playlist Supply’s Organic Search and PlaylistVet features, artists can save an extensive playlist curator database and strategically manage Spotify playlist curators’ contact info and socials. With the aid of ChatGPT and AI artists and managers can now even automate the crafting of tailored pitches to playlist curators. Here are some tips to maximize your outreach efforts:

Use AI and Automate Music Marketing: Reviving an old catalog of Spotify song releases can be tedious work. For artists without the support of a professional music manager or artist manager, this can be daunting. Record labels have already used the process of AI and automation for their marketing, indie artists should too! As an indie music artist, find ways to incorporate AI, PlaylistSupply, ChatGPT, MidJourney, Gmass, and other tools that save time and allow for focus on the music creation.

Offer Exclusive Content or Experiences: Incentivize playlist curators by offering exclusive content or experiences in exchange for placement on their Spotify playlist. Whether it’s backstage access at a concert, merchandise swaps, or personalized social media shoutouts, providing value beyond your music can help sweeten the deal and foster long-term relationships with Spotify playlist curators. Which brings us to our next point:

Building Lasting Connections with Curators: Playlist promotion is as much about building genuine connections as it is about securing playlist placements. By engaging with curators authentically and creating relationships over time, artists can become valuable contributors to the playlist community. Some of the top Spotify playlist curators have playlists within a ton of bigger artists’ “Discovered On” section. These are super high-traffic playlists that boast genuine traffic and appear directly on every artist’s Spotify profile page. Whether it’s through social media engagement or personalized outreach, prioritize building meaningful connections that extend beyond one single playlist placement.

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Playlist Supply - The Future of Music Marketing

With PlaylistSupply there’s no limit to the potential of your music regardless if its was released in 1998, 2020, or 2024. By embracing a strategic approach to Spotify playlist promotion and leveraging Playlist Supply’s top-quality PlaylsitVet vetting feature, artists can revitalize their older releases and connect with new audiences.

Playlist Supply allows artists to target fans in new ways, like Organic Search which allows you to target only Spotify’s high-traffic “Discovered-on” and connect with these high-profile playlists and curators to get your music out there.

As the music industry continues to evolve, staying ahead of the curve is essential for a musician’s success. With PlaylistSupply, artists have the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing musical landscape.

In 2024 more listeners than ever use Spotify. On Spotify alone are over 4 billion playlists, 100 million tracks, 5 million podcasts and 350,000 audiobooks. Spotify has over 602 million users and they are constantly on the hunt for their next favorite artist and playlists.

Playlist Supply allows you to index and analyze data in a way that makes it approachable and efficient for indie artists, managers, and record labels. Curious to learn specific tips and tricks about PlaylistSupply? Check it out in action in this video.